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“Michael and I want to express our sincere gratitude for your tireless and steadfast efforts throughout the long process of bringing our project to completion. I know it was quite frustrating at times, but thank God, you were the calming influence.”

Mario Andretti

“While compliments for in-house counsel, especially temporary in-house counsel, are sometimes rare, I have received numerous positive comments on your work and pragmatic style from both the field and the executive management team. You were an outstanding reflection of the corporate office and the legal department and I am very appreciative… I believed I was bringing in a highly competent attorney, and your work did nothing but reinforce those preconceived notions. What I did not know was how incredibly well you would step in and quickly take ownership of the position…Your professional, yet personable and relaxed, approach was exactly what we needed.”

Curt M. Lindeman

General Counsel, U.S. Concrete, Inc.

“Gary Marks has been working on several projects for Ascend Performance Materials during the last two years…He has not only performed excellent legal services but has also given sound business advice. The business team has found that Gary is highly responsive and that he exhibits an ability to work in a team manner.”

Andrew Ralston

Vice President and General Counsel, Ascend Performance Materials, Inc.

“In his five months with Cardtronics, Gary was tasked with a wide variety of assignments; some of a general business nature, but many focused specifically on the ATM industry. Gary’s experience and broad legal knowledge allowed him to handle the former group of assignments with speed and accuracy. His excellent work ethic and willingness to learn our unique business in short order enabled him to perform the latter group of assignments with equal results. Throughout his tenure with Cardtronics, Gary exceeded all of my expectations. Not only has his work product been of the highest caliber, he also demonstrated the ability to work well with not only the members of the Cardtronics business team; but with the lawyers and business team members of our customers and vendors.

Michael E. Keller

General Counsel, Cardtronics, Inc.

“Thank you so much for your work over the last six months. I knew when you came back to work for us you would have the same desired work ethic as when you covered for me during my maternity leave. You were able to accept every challenge I gave you head on and work with little supervision with our field operations to ensure successful contract negotiations.”

Katherine Hargis

General Counsel, U.S. Concrete, Inc.

“One of our transactional attorneys went on military leave for six months. Gary came in and our team did not miss a beat. Gary’s breadth of prior experience in the industry allowed him to provide meaningful legal and business input on the matters he handled. In addition, Gary’s engagement began at a time when our industry began a severe downturn. This downturn required attention to matters such as important capital expenditure order modifications and cancellations, as well as consideration for dealings with customers. Gary handled these matters efficiently and with the appropriate appreciation for the market environment. I would recommend Gary to others and would be happy to work with him again.”

Seth Wexler

General Counsel and Secretary, Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc.

"Awesome! Gary Marks is my only choice for any legal issues. He is very pleasant, easy to contact, and he did not explain my legal matters in "legalese", but in a manner that I could easily understand. My end result was extremely positive, and I would not have achieved the same results on my own or with the lawyer I had previously used. I strongly recommend Gary to anyone looking for legal representation."

Cindy C

"Mr. Marks provided sound advice in a manner that made it easy for me to make the appropriate decision. He has a way of simplifying legal arguments into something that I can understand. I recommend Gary to anyone who is looking for sound counsel."

John Becker